Rashes, and hives, and mysteries, oh my!

Hiya friends. Welcome back. It's been a minute since I've had updates that I was ready and willing to share! Still wrestling with a lot of life and COVID and unlearning over here, but as it turns out, FPIES and allergies don't care how stressed you are. Lincoln, my two year old and often more … Continue reading Rashes, and hives, and mysteries, oh my!

Here and there, but definitely not everywhere. (#COVID)

Hello food allergy friends! As always, I so appreciate your following along in our FPIES journey. It's been quiet on the site lately, but I just wanted to share a few major updates with you! I know many of you are navigating your own allergies, FPIES diagnoses, and food trials, and I want to make … Continue reading Here and there, but definitely not everywhere. (#COVID)

On Doing Hard Things.

Happy Tuesday, food allergy friends and family. I sure hope it's happy wherever you are, hunkered down or beginning to slowly venture out your door again. Minnesota is beginning to slowly reopen- although less slowly than we may have expected- and it's bringing a whole new level of anxiety to my home. It may well … Continue reading On Doing Hard Things.

On a lighter note (though hoping for a heavier one soon…)

Hi all! Happy Tuesday. A few weeks ago, I felt like it was impossible to talk about anything but CoronaVirus. And yet, here we are, and there's no end in sight... so it feels like we better keep talking allergies and FPIES and all that we're all facing, because somehow, the rest of life still … Continue reading On a lighter note (though hoping for a heavier one soon…)

Happy Birthday, Dear Lincoln!

Happy Tuesday, friends. Are you okay? Are you healthy? Are you safe? I hope yes to all of the above. Here in Minnesota, sheltered in place and healthier than we've been in months, we are indeed okay. And safe. And even as the state is gearing up to face the biggest challenge of our lifetime, … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dear Lincoln!

A deep breath or two

I promised you a blog on pregnancy, parenting, and managing FPIES. I spend a whole lot of time on the latter. This week, I imagine I'm not alone in saying the only thoughts on my mind are Corona-related. Statistics, curves, ventilators, shortages, hospitals...all things COVID-19. What did we even talk about before all this began? … Continue reading A deep breath or two

FPIES, in the time of COVID.

Hey friends. A happy Tuesday doesn’t feel like quite the right sentiment today, does it? I hope you are healthy, I hope you are calm, I hope you are hopeful and I hope you are staying home. A lot. ❤️ If you’re with us in Minnesota, we’re witnessing school closures, bar and restaurant closures, and … Continue reading FPIES, in the time of COVID.