Silver Linings and more

Happy Tuesday, fellow allergy parents and friends. I hope, as always, this new day finds you healthy, reaction-free, and staying warm. Last week, I mentioned a post all about the many hidden gems and silver linings this FPIES life has brought to us. And honestly, it's more than that. FPIES has led me to be … Continue reading Silver Linings and more


Happy Tuesday friends and family! I was scrolling through some old blog posts this morning in search of the recipe for homemade Watermelon "Pedialyte", and I realized I've been blogging for nearly 15 months! If you've been here since the beginning and you're still following our journey every Tuesday... wow. I'm honored you care and … Continue reading #twoundertwo

The good, the bad, the vomit-covered

I’m writing tonight’s post from my second born’s bedroom (aka the newly re-purposed playroom). I’m cozied up on a cot right next to his crib, listening to adorable baby snores and hoping not to hear any gagging or coughing overnight. Miles is fighting off something- an ear infection, an fpies reaction, or a run of … Continue reading The good, the bad, the vomit-covered

FPIES, sleep, and the anxiety that is motherhood.

Hello fellow allergy friends! I hope this Tuesday finds you well, and well rested. This week, I want to jump right in and talk about a topic that's fresh on my mind: anxiety and sleep with an FPIES or allergy kiddo. I shared yesterday on Instagram (@chunkythighsandfpies) that we may finally have Mr. Miles sleeping … Continue reading FPIES, sleep, and the anxiety that is motherhood.

All Things Food Trials

Hey allergy families! Hope all is well in your worlds! We're at the tail end of a virus over here, and enjoying warmer days, food passes all around, and meals as a family! I recently shared on instagram (@chunkythighsandfpies) that we had begun food trials with Mr. Miles. We're following a bit of a more … Continue reading All Things Food Trials

Hi-ho the Dairy-O, this mama is confused…

Another happy and chilly Tuesday here in Minneapolis! I hope your weeks are going smoothly and your kiddos are passing foods left and right. Unfortunately, from the looks of my Instagram feed (@chunkythighsandfpies), it looks like many of you have been wrestling with RSV, scary anaphylactic reactions, and all kinds of sick kiddos. I sure … Continue reading Hi-ho the Dairy-O, this mama is confused…

Life After TED!

Happy Tuesday, friends, and it is a happy one indeed over here! If you follow our lives on instagram @chunkythighsandfpies, you know all too well that this has been a monumental week in our journey with FPIES. Miles is officially 5 days into 100% formula feeding, and I'm officially 4 days into eating. all. the. … Continue reading Life After TED!